About Paradise Wheels

Check out this video from Motor Trend featuring Craig in his 1969 Shelby Gulfstream Aqua GT500.

Paradise Wheels, Inc. was established in 1981 by Craig Conley as a specialty wheel company for early Shelby Mustangs. Today, the company still manufactures and restores those same wheels: 1965 and early 1966 GT-350 Shelby Cragars, 1967 Kelsey Hayes Shelby Magstars and 1969-1970 Shelby Five-Spoke wheels. The company continues to focus on quality craftsmanship and 100% domestic production.

The company also resources original rare parts for 1965-70 Shelby Mustangs (as well as certain other Ford muscle cars) such as engine parts, gauges, transmissions, wheels, and unique parts used on the 1965-1970 Shelby Mustangs. The parts inventory is constantly evolving, as the company is always looking to buy new inventory.

Over the years, Craig Conley has developed an expertise in 1965-1970 Shelby Mustangs and is frequently hired as a consultant to assist with evaluations, buying and/or selling cars and determining authenticity. He also is asked to judge Shelby Mustangs at concours events around the country.

In 2000, Paradise Wheels, Inc. purchased all of the old inventory, tooling, molds, rights, service tools, test equipment and original parts for the ball-drive centrifugal McCulloch-Paxton superchargers from Paxton Automotive. The company also purchased the inventory and tooling from Distaso Automotive DBA Superchargers and Kits in Los Angeles who had all the remaining old inventory from the early McCulloch and Paxton Superchargers and kit parts from the 1950ʼs and 1960ʼs.

Today, the main focus is on the supercharger kits that were originally on the 1966-1968 Shelby GT-350 Mustangs and 1986-1993 5.0 Fox bodied Mustangs. A twin Paxton supercharger has been developed and is increasing in popularity for those seeking additional boost. Also in the works is a twin Paxton 427 Cobra kit that will fit under the hood of a Cobra. These products have continued to be in demand, primarily from the nostalgic, vintage enthusiasts.

During the past 11 years, Craig Conley has been actively racing a 1970 Boss 302 Trans-Am Mustang and 1971 Mercury Holman-Moody Grand National Stock Car with HMSA and General Racing on the west coast. He has developed a passion for not only early Shelby Mustangs, but also vintage Trans-Am race cars that raced during 1966 to 1972. He also provides consulting services for these cars.